"I consider a trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man whereby the government can be held to the principles of the constitution."

— Thomas Jefferson


Defending the Accused from the government is normally referred to as criminal law.  However, Mr. Falcon doesn’t prefer to call this area of practice criminal law, because the Accused is already labeled a common criminal.  When the Accused is called to trial, that person is clothed with a presumption of innocence accorded by the State and Federal Constitutions.  Further, he stresses to each potential client accused that he is not here to judge them.  Rather, this firm is here to safeguard the constitutional rights of the Accused and force the government to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  

a)    State and Federal alleged crimes.
b)    Probationary matters consisting of revocations, modifications and discharge.
c)  Prisoner’s rights/parole representation – just because a person is incarcerated does not mean that their rights should be abandoned. Constitutional protections still remain, which this firm will ensure are honored and preserved.

Kindly, refer to the recent criminal case results obtained by Mr. Falcon.


a)    Divorce with/without children – Mr. Falcon has successfully handled up to multi-million dollar community property contested divorce, as well as uncontested matters whereby agreements are amicably reached.
b)    Suits affecting the parent-child relationship, securing parental rights.
c)    Modification of existing orders.
d)    Child custody.
e)    Visitation.
f)    Child support, including arrearages and Attorney General matters.
g)    Protective orders & restraining orders.
h)    Successfully protected parental rights during CPS investigations.
i)    Contempt matters and enforcement of court orders.
j)    Contested probate matters necessitating trial, as well as uncontested. 


a)    Medical malpractice - aggressively handled obtaining six-figure settlement, as well as insurance policy limits of the party at fault. 

b)    Vehicular accidents

c)    Premises Liability

For other legal matters, please contact this office to discuss.  If this firm, in its discretion, decides not take your case, it is likely we can refer you to another attorney who may.