Best Damn Lawyer in Dallas Ft. Worth No Doubt!!!

“When I reached out to Mark I was in desperate need. My career was on the line and I needed someone who could desperately save my livelihood. I was pulled over for a DWI in which my friend had left a bottle of Vodka in the passenger door that I was unaware of. The deck was stacked against us as the officer who performed the test bragged how she had made over 700 DWI arrests and she had not lost 1 case. Her reason on why she had never lost a case was because she said she never makes a mistake and people plead guilty and take the probation. However, Mark was a pitbull in the courtroom. Locking in on their weaknesses and never letting loose. As a matter of fact, I began to feel so embarrassed for the officers I was tempted to ask Mark to please be a little softer on the officers because I could tell they were getting irritated and uneasy having to answer for their inconsistencies. At the end of the day the officer left with a record of 700-1. Ours was the first case she had ever lost. I can't say in enough words what Mark's victory meant to me and my family. Mark's tenaciousness and pit bull mentality saved my career and I am forever grateful.” - Donald

Making Dreams Come True

"Mark Falcon is a highly skilled, highly professional attorney with many strengths, but the greatest of these lies in his ability to explain the trial process to those of us who have almost no legal training whatsoever. I had met with several attorneys before deciding on Mr. Falcon, and I can tell you that I was not mistaken in opting to go with him. From the moment that I retained his counsel to the conclusion of the trial process, Mr. Falcon worked with me to ensure that I was fully aware of all of his decisions regarding my case from diligently and expertly explaining the current state of the law and its implications for my case to the tactical decisions that he made to keep the prosecution on its toes leading into the trial. At no point did I ever feel like I didn’t know what was coming; on the contrary, Mark made sure that I was prepared for everything, and surprised by nothing. It was this sort of devotion to his clients and his career path that really influenced me to become an attorney myself. I currently attend a Texas law school and am in the top 25% of my class, thanks in no small part to the first hand experience I received from Mark. I only hope that once I graduate and pass the bar, I can be half the lawyer that Mark Falcon is. You will not go wrong with him." 
- Paul

Top Notch Defense Work

“Mr. Falcon is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in Texas today. At the same time, he is genuinely concerned for his clients' well being and plans their defense around their overall needs, as he recently did for me. I am professionally licensed in Texas, and I was stopped unlawfully for felony DWI in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Needless to say, conviction was not an option, and Mr. Falcon knew it. He dropped everything that he was doing and drove straight to the jail as soon as visitation was open to discuss the procedures going forward with me, and met with me as soon as I was able to bond out. From then, he successfully prevented my driver's license from being suspended, and then was able to root out irregularities in the police investigation of my arrest that ultimately resulted in full dismissal of the criminal charges against me. My ability to work is no longer under threat, and my peace of mind restored, all thanks to Mr. Falcon's legal acumen. He certainly embodies the phrase 'Attorney and Counselor at law' and I would recommend him to anyone under the thumb of the State.” - anonymous

Honest and straightforward representation 

“Mark has help me with criminal issues and family law. He got my DWI 2nd dismissed and ultimately expunged. In my multiple needs for representation Mark was always honest, straightforward and most importantly available when I needed him. When I needed Mark on multiple fronts he helped me more than I can explain in this paragraph. If you need representation Mark is the guy to go to.” - Justin

Wonderful lawyer

“I could not have asked for better representation than what Mark provided. He made me feel comfortable during the entire process by conveying clear, realistic goals. The felony charge against me was dismissed because of Mark’s knowledge of law and professionalism.” - anonymous

The Attorney's Attorney!

“I was referred by an attorney friend of mine who had gotten into similar DWI trouble as I had in Dallas County. My attorney friend used Mark Falcon on his own cases and said Mark is "the attorney for the attorneys." This certainly proved so in my case, as Mr. Falcon got my resisting arrest charge dismissed and minimized the penalties of my DWI charge. There may be less costly costly DWI defenders out there (and there certainly are more costly ones!) but I doubt any can exceed the value "bang for the buck" provided by Mr. Falcon. Good luck to everyone!” - anonymous

Solid Counsel

“I have used Mark's services on more than a couple of occasions, on different legal matters. And each and every time, he has been prompt, well organized, and confident. His respect and knowledge for the various aspects of law is not only impressive but comforting.” - anonymous

Best In The Metroplex

“Mark is an attorney that walks the walk and knows the talk. After meeting him in person I knew in 2 minutes he was the attorney for my case. HE is aggressive and a man of presence in the court room. He definitely has the skills to make the case in your favor. THE BEST ATTORNEY.” - anonymous

Excellent Attorney

“After having recovered from brain surgery and being laid off from my full time job, I was contacted out of the blue by CPS about two children in their care. I was claimed to be the alleged father. To compound matters, I was over 200 miles away where the case was opened. I immediately started searching for lawyers in the area of the local district court. Mark Falcon’s law firm was at the top of the list in my very first search query. Within minutes of speaking with Mark on the phone, my fears were eased and my stress levels dropped. The case itself took almost a year to complete, but Mark worked diligently for me. He negotiated a very fair child support rate, got my visitation going almost immediately. We would talk every time prior to trial and Mark would explain exactly what was going to happen the next day, and word for word it happened exactly as he said, in court. I ultimately got sole custody of one of my children. Mr. Falcon was a blessing. Any client would be lucky to call him their attorney. When it comes to family law, I have no doubt that there is no better in the State of Texas than Mr. Falcon.” - Jason M.

Better Than All The Others

“Mr. Falcon is an exceptional attorney. My choice in choosing him as my attorney for my divorce and custody agreement was not misplaced. He was able to obtain an agreement that was fair for both parties. When I felt my world was falling apart, Mr. Falcon was my pillar of strength to piece it back together. He is more than an attorney; he's a family man that truly understands. I'm proud to say that he is now my attorney of choice for my legal affairs currently and into the future.” - Jon

The Accused was Defended Superbly

“Mark T. Falcón is not only an excellent attorney, but his legal perspective and mindset is absolutely refreshing. The first thing he told me is "I don't practice 'Criminal Law,' I work in the 'Defense of the Accused.'" This maxim reminded me that I was not just some criminal, as some would have had me believe at the time. Mr. Falcón's legal knowledge base is astounding, and he is very understanding of any and all circumstances related to a case. He will not give up without the proper fight ensured to us (with good reason) by the United States Constitution. If you hire Mr. Falcón, you will not be disappointed, and you will most likely retain any and all the freedoms you deserve.” - Mark

Mark T. Falcon: Ace Attorney-Legal Genius

"I am honored to not only call Mark T. Falcon my Attorney, but also my friend and confidant. Mr. Falcon's care and sincerity in dealing with his clients' needs surpass anything I have ever seen. He takes great pride in his ability to help and care for each client's particular situation and to provide the best scenarios possible in dealing with matters; he helps his clients to his fullest extent. Mark T. Falcon has represented myself, my friends, and my family in a multitude of facets including Criminal, Civil, Divorce, and Child Support, and has had astonishing results with all of the above. Mark T. Falcon is who my family and I trust to take care of our legal needs; so should yours."        - Lance L.

Great Lawyer

"Mark is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. He is currently representing me in a DWI case and has also worked 2 family cases for me as well. The 2 family cases were resolved better than expected. Previous lawyers that I have worked with have dragged these types of cases out to increase fees. Not Mark. He set my expectations and delivered quickly and with a positive relationship with opposing counsel. I would definitely recommend Mark."          - Steven

Excellent Lawyering! 

"Mark has been my attorney in Criminal Defense matters for nearly 5 years, and has worked with me every step of the way to ensure that I achieve my legal goals. I have had 5 cases outright dismissed while employing Mr. Falcon, and would certainly retain him for any and all Criminal Defense related issues."         - Paul

 Very real

“Mark as my lawyer was very clear from the beginning that as long as you do as he says he can help. Never at any point did I feel like I was alone or he was too busy for me. With his rapport he was able to get me off on two separate situations. Mark is not only my attorney he is now family.” - Richard

Great attorney

“Mark was able to get prosecutors to dismiss a PI charge and is currently working on a trespass case on my behalf. His knowledge of the judicial process is superior and he immediately knew what his strategy would be. He is always available when I have questions.” - anonymous

DWI Case

“Mark did an excellent job of crossing the officer in my DWI case, which I got a Not Guilty. This was my first time ever being involved in a legal proceeding and I was very nervous. However, Mark was very confident and reassured me during the whole process that things would be okay. During the trial, Mark interrogated the police officers to the point that I almost felt sorry for the officers and felt like raising my hand and asking him to give them a break. Mark's interrogation of the police officers and his knowledge of the procedures allowed him to find conflicting reports in the officers stories and video. He also masterfully crafted together a professional witness team which consisted of a retired state trooper who taught the DWI class and a friend that testified on my case. I truly believe that if another attorney would have been facing the same circumstances (5 police officers that were called to the scene as witnesses I might add) then they would not have even tried the case and would have easily tried to get me to settle for a deal. Even with a judge that was anxious to end the case he was able to persuade the jury on my behalf." - D.P.